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Review: The Thrawn Trilogy

The Thrawn Trilogy
~Heir to the Empire
~Dark Force Rising
~The Last Command

Release Date: 1991-1994
Author: Timothy Zahn

Believe it or not, I just read this trilogy for the first time about a month ago. When I started my EU journey around the time AOTC was released, my focus was on the Clone Wars era. I started there, and have gradually moved my way forward in the time line. Up until the time of me finally reading this trilogy, I heard so much about it; so many sources referencing these novels from Zahn. Needless to say, I was genuinely excited about reading them. Did they live up to the hype, in my opinion?

One word… absolutely. I was completely entertained from start to finish. Honestly, there’s not much more that I can say that hasn’t been said about them throughout the years. It was very well-written, the characters were engrossing, and the technology – believable. A forum poster a while back had it right… these novels have stood the test of time and are as relevant now as they were nearly 20 years ago.

I’m releasing this review ahead of the 25th anniversary reprint, which will include a few extra goodies, so this review may be edited in the future to reflect the changes. Among those that are definitely welcome is the anticipated new cover art. The existing covers certainly reflect the age of the novels. It’ll be nice to see updated versions.

This trilogy receives a 5 out of 5. Well done.

- Master Optician

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Lost Tribe Of The Sith 5: Purgatory

Book 5 of the Lost Tribe of the Sith ebook series by John Jackson Miller is out, and best of all, it’s free! Click the link below to head on over to Suvudu to download it now!


The mighty Sith dynasty founded on the planet Kesh by the survivors of the shipwrecked Omen has endured for a thousand years — and so has the merciless Sith code, which prizes power above all else. Lady Orielle Kitai enjoys power as the scion of a noble family and member of the elite Sith Sabers. But Lillia Venn, as reigning Grand Lord of the Sith, possesses absolute power . . . and is determined to keep it.

When a failed regicide sparks a political — and literal — bloodbath, and suspicion falls on Orielle, she is swiftly condemned to slavery by the ruthless Grand Lord Venn. But seeing the cunning power play for what it is, Orielle vows to strike back. And at the ramshackle home of a poor dirt farmer with an astounding secret, she discovers the means to make her vengeance a devastating reality.

Previous LTOTS ebooks are…


Also included with the ebook is an exclusive Fate of the Jedi: Vortex excerpt.

Source ~

Review: Shadows Of The Empire

Shadows of the Empire

- Minor Spoiler Review -

My first taste of Shadows of the Empire came from the Nintendo 64. I purchased the game because… it was Star Wars, of course. I found that it had awesome graphics, incredible music and was incredibly fun. But most of all, it had a captivating story. Shadows of the Empire was the first time I strayed away from the main story contained in the Original Trilogy. I later read the comic, via Nintendo Power, and became even more interested. I didn’t read the novel until several years later. To which I have now re-read it; the first for any of the novels in my collection.

Shadows of the EmpireThe novel takes hold immediately with the prologue. What an interesting way to intertwine this story with The Empire Strikes Back! I will never watch the Emperor/Vader scene in that movie the same way again. I now expect that Xizor is indeed watching in silence in the background. This introduction was very descriptive and sets the tone for the book.

The story itself is pure entertainment from start to finish, with all sorts of ties to The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. I felt it was fast when it needed to be, slow when required. The writing itself was smart and witty. There were more than a few times that I laughed out loud. The exchanges between the Emperor, Xizor and Vader were especially delicious. I definitely wanted to hear more of the back-and-forth between them.

We also learn more about Black Sun, which is a powerful criminal syndicate, to which Xizor is leader. I’m always look forward to learning more about this powerful organization.

Obviously, I feel the characters were well written and well balanced. Xizor is quite the strong character. Though, I could have done without knowing about his sexuality, including his experiences with Guri, a droid.

I probably know more about Dash Rendar than what the novel tells of him, primarily because of the game and comic. Without those other media, I definitely would have wanted to learn more about him. I felt the transition Luke was making was well written. It would Random Househave been nice if Boba Fett made an appearance, though.

All-in-all, this is a novel I recommend reading. Do so with some kind of exposure to the game and comic, if possible. The stories from all three do differ in many places, but I simply try to blend them in for a total experience.

Official Synopsis:

Shadows of the Empire illuminates the shadowy outlines of a criminal conspiracy that exists in the background of the events in the movies, ruled by a character new to us. Prince Xizor is a mastermind of evil who dares to oppose one of the best-known fictional villains of all time: Darth Vader. The story involves all the featured Star Wars movie characters, plus Emperor Palpatine and, of course, Lord Vader himself.

Steve Sansweet Leaving Lucasfilm

In a stunning move… (hehe, couldn’t resist). has announced that long time Lucasfilm Head of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet has decided to leave his post in order to ‘start a new chapter’.

Nearly 15 years ago I left my post as Los Angeles Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal to follow my bliss and take a ‘one-year job’ as Lucasfilm’s Star Wars ambassador,” said Sansweet. “Now it’s time for another change and new challenges, while still maintaining an active role in the Star Wars fan community.

Most, if not all Star Wars fans have heard of the man who was very active within the community. If they didn’t get a chance to see him at the many conventions he appeared at, they’ve certainly read his publications, or his “Scouting the Galaxy” articles in Star Wars Insider. Personally, his articles in the Insider was one of the first places I went too, because I couldn’t wait to hear his answers to questions posed about SW collectibles.

The publications he authored, ranging from collectibles to the amazing Star Wars Encyclopedias have received much praise from fans.

While this announcement in no way seems to imply that we’ll never see or hear of him again within the SW community, it’s sad to lose such a talented man who has contributed much to the company and it’s adoring fans. Mr. Sansweet, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. May the Force be with you, always!

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Bohnhoff Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Shadow Games

Today, co-author of newly titled Star Wars: Shadow Games Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff gave fans a sneak peek at the novel, formerly called ‘Holostar’. Link Via

We have Dash Rendar, of course—smuggler, loner, man-with-a-past.

We have his droid side-kick, LEB02D9 (aka, Leebo), whose personality was programmed by a stand-up comic … a bad stand-up comic.

We have Dash’s Nautolan co-pilot and navigator, Eaden Vrill, who is a man of few words and a master of the martial art of teräs käsi. A rather enigmatic fellow.

And we have the holostar, herself—the lovely Javul Charn. No pictures of her, yet. But she’s a bit of a chameleon.

And then, Dash’s foil—the old scoundrel himself—Han Solo. Who features prominently in our YouTube video, “Wastin’ Away on Tatooine.”

That’s the main cast. There are other key characters, of course, human and alien, nefarious and noble.

Star Wars: Shadow Games is being written by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, and is due to be released next fall.

Novel Review: SHADOW GAMES
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Knight Errant Launches Today

Knight Errant, a new Dark Horse  comic book series written by John Jackson Miller, hits shelves today. This series is set in the Old Republic era, and features the young Jedi Kerra Holt. Aflame, Part 1 will be followed by additional parts, to be released one each month.

Read JJM’s blog announcement here.

You can read JJM’s production notes for Aflame, Part 1 here.

The Knight Errant novel is due to be released January 25, 2011.

Source ~ Dark Horse Comics

New Red Harvest Blurb Released

Random House just released the full blurb for Red Harvest, which is the prequel to Death Troopers, both written by Joe Schreiber. Link

Red Harvest is due out December 28, 2010.

The era of the Old Republic is a dark and dangerous time, as Jedi Knights valiantly battle the Sith Lords and their ruthless armies. But the Sith have disturbing plans—and none more so than the fulfillment of Darth Scabrous’s fanatical dream, which is about to become nightmarish reality.

Unlike those other Jedi sidelined to the Agricultural Corps—young Jedi whose abilities have not proved up to snuff—Hestizo Trace possesses one extraordinary Force talent: a gift with plants. Suddenly her quiet existence among greenhouse and garden specimens is violently destroyed by the arrival of an emissary from Darth Scabrous. For the rare black orchid that she has nurtured and bonded with is the final ingredient in an ancient Sith formula that promises to grant Darth Scabrous his greatest desire.

But at the heart of the formula is a never-before-seen virus that’s worse than fatal—it doesn’t just kill, it transforms. Now the rotting, ravenous dead are rising, driven by a bloodthirsty hunger for all things living—and commanded by a Sith Master with an insatiable lust for power and the ultimate prize: immortality . . . no matter the cost.

Novel Review: Red Harvest
Red Harvest Paperback Cover Art


Star Wars Books has announced the winner of the ‘Holostar’ fan poll: STAR WARS: SHADOW GAMES! Link

Novel Review: SHADOW GAMES
Welcome Back, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
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Bohnhoff Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Shadow Games
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Fan Site Caught Plagiarizing

Fan site admins truly cherish their little corner of the Star Wars Universe. It really is a thrill for most to be able to post stuff about SW for all to see, and to come together and chat about our little hobby. Those of us who keep up with breaking SW news within the context of our sites normally do so in a timely and honorable fashion.

Posting original content is the best (and the most thrilling to me) but there are times when fan sites catch an article from a fellow site that they, in turn, would like to post about. Ok, cool. No problem. But give credit where credit is due. Don’t take their content and literally make it your own. Elementary, you’d think.

Well, respected fan site Club Jade just made a rather disturbing discovery. Much of their recent content had been literally copied and pasted by another fan site, To make matters worse, a simple investigation was launched by Club Jade that revealed more content stolen from other fan sites.

I’m not going to use this site to criticize, unless of course they attempt to copy my content without any kind of credit. This post is to once again call attention to the problem of plagiarism, and to encourage original thinking, and to spread the message that Club Jade is wanting to send.

Club Jade has officially responded to this situation here… offers lessons in lazy plagiarism

I wouldn’t be surprised if more sites release their own stinging response.

Title For ‘Holostar’ Novel Is In Your Hands!

The upcoming Michael Reaves/Maya Bohnhoff Star Wars novel with the working title “Holostar” has been given three title choices – and it’s up to you to decide which one will be chosen! According to Suvudu, the three choices are…

Star Wars: Shadow Games
Star Wars: Pursuit
Star Wars: Shadow Play

Cast your vote by clicking the Suvudu link above and choosing an option in their poll!

Also, a blurb was released…

Stranded on Tatooine with a broken-down hyperdrive, Dash Rendar and crew—his Nautolan copilot, Eaden Vrill, and a droid named Leebo—have to find a way to raise credits. It comes in the lovely form of Javul Charn, a multi-talented human holostar being stalked by an over-zealous fan. She needs bodyguards to protect her during her tour along the Corellian Run; Dash needs credits. It’s a perfect match… until things begin to go wrong—seriously and dangerously wrong. By the time Dash realizes that the threat to Javul is not what it seems, he’s in up to his neck in a conspiracy that goes much deeper than anything he would have signed up for. Even with the help of his hated rival—Han Solo—will Dash be able to protect this spoiled entertainer, all the while being reminded that he couldn’t protect his own family?

This certainly helps to fuel the already exciting anticipation for this novel! Tentative release date is September 27, 2011. Source - Suvudu (via

Novel Review: SHADOW GAMES
Welcome Back, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Knights Archive Exclusive: Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Star Wars: Shadow Games Cover/Blurb
Key Location In Shadow Games Revealed
Bohnhoff Shares More Shadow Games Info
Bohnhoff Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Shadow Games

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