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Review: Cloak Of Deception

Cloak of Deception
Author: James Luceno
Release Date: May 2001

This novel is another re-read for me; the first time was several years ago. I had built up in my mind that this was an awesome novel, which gave incredible detail to the manipulations of Palpatine before the events of The Phantom Menace. After I read it a second time, though, my impression has actually changed.

Sure, this novel does elaborate on just what the ‘baseless accusations’ against Valorum were as mentioned in TPM, but the story is not as in-depth as I remember it to be. Most of the novel is devoted to an assassination attempt on Valorum; I had forgotten about that. The attempt, yes. The amount devoted to it, no. I had to fight boredom this time around, as I was strung along with the Jedi during their search for the assassins.

The ‘in-depth’ political maneuvers I remember turned out to be a collection of gossip mongering. Only in the end did my attention start to sharpen, during the Valorum/corruption discovery and the final dialog between Sidious and Nute Gunray. Everything else was just mindless filler, in my humble opinion. I did not become emotionally attached to any of the secondary characters, such as Captain Cohl, Rella, or Boiny. Even the parts where Senator Palpatine and his Darth Sidious persona made an appearance didn’t demand my attention, though for some reason it did before.

Maybe it’s because not much was known back then; anything about him was simply devoured without much thought. I dunno. What I do know is that this will be my last time reading Cloak of Deception.

Cloak of Deception receives a 2 out of 5.

- Master Optician

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TESB Added To National Film Registry

The Empire Strikes Back was among 24 other entries picked for preservation in the Library of Congress for 2010. For those that don’t know,

The National Film Registry names to its list up to 25 “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films” each year, showcasing the range and diversity of American film heritage to increase awareness for its preservation.

- Wikipedia

The Empire Strikes Back joins A New Hope, which was selected for preservation back in 1989. I’m sure all Star Wars fans will applaud the move, probably thinking it was long overdue.

Knights Archive would like to extend a congrats to all involved with the production of TESB, including George Lucas, but most of all we want to again recognize the late Irvin Kershner, the man who directed what has become arguably the best Episode in the Saga.

Another notable selection is Electronic Labyrinth: THX-1138 4EB, which is a short film directed by George Lucas.

SOURCE: National Film Preservation Board

The Clone Wars Weekly (12.20-12.26)

There hasn’t been much in the way of news for the past couple of weeks regarding The Clone Wars, but one thing did stand out that we felt justified this article. posted a teaser trailer for the start-up of the second half of season 3, along with the announcement of a new time slot. An all new episode will be on Friday January 7th, with a new time… 8:30pm PT/ET, on Cartoon Network. You can view the new trailer The Clone Wars: Night Will Fall by clicking the link below.


The Essential Guide To Warfare Cover

We’ve seen the black and white version from the Random House summer catalog for a few days now, but here is the color version from the Random House product page…

Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare is due to be released on August 16, 2011.

SOURCE: Random House (via NJOE)

The Essential Guide to Warfare Book Preview
Review: The Essential Guide To Warfare
Del Rey Facebook Page
(The Essential Guide To Warfare Concept & Approved Images)

Tentative Cover For Choices of One

UPDATE: (12.17.10)

Random House has released their 2011 Spring and Summer catalogs, and a few upcoming releases are on it, including Choices of One. While the cover remains the same, there are some new interesting tidbits in the descriptions…

Zahn returns to Star Wars with a brand-new novel of adventure, action, and intrigue starring the young Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and the beloved Mara Jade!

STORMTROOPER ACTION: Features the renegade band of stormtroopers from Allegiance, combining exciting action in white armor with real human soldiers. Fans of the New York Times bestselling Republic Commando and Imperial Commando series will flock to this book.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: (10.22.10) today released a tentative cover for the upcoming Timothy Zahn novel Choices of One.

Some info was also given…

Timothy Zahn returns to the Star Wars galaxy next year with all new hardcover novel release, Choices of One. It’s a classic Star Wars adventure set in the time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, featuring Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Mara Jade.

This novel is due to be released July 2011.

Source ~

Tentative Heir To The Empire 20th Anniversary Edition Cover

This cover art for the upcoming Heir To The Empire 20th Anniversary Edition can be found in the Random House online catalog. It looks to be a temporary look at the cover, so we’ll stay tuned for more details.
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Knights Archive Exclusive: Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff recently granted us an interview via email, about her, her collaboration with fellow author Michael Reaves, and about Star Wars in general, mixed in with insight about writing for the franchise.

Mrs. Bohnhoff has enjoyed an extensive career; her print publications include six fantasy novels and a lot of short fiction in Analog (“I’m a member of the dreaded Analog MAFIA—Making Appearances Frequently In Analog”), Interzone, Amazing Stories and a number of anthologies.
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New The Clone Wars Season 3 Trailer

Today, Entertainment Weekly posted the latest trailer for what is turning out to be an explosive season of The Clone Wars. Attendees of the Savage Opress screenings have seen this, and now it’s online for all to enjoy. Click on the link below to watch.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly (via @clubjade)

Future Star Wars Comics Update has posted a new lineup of future Dark Horse comics to be released starting in March.

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #3 (of 5) (On sale March 30th. 40 pages)

Haunted by recurring visions of what his life with Padmé might have been like if he had not succumbed to the dark side, and guided by the Ghost Nebula’s mysterious priestess, Vader and his troops become embroiled in a disastrous battle on a tar-pit world.

Worse, the hard-fought battle brings Vader no closer to locating Moff Tarkin’s missing son — but it does put him in the deadly sights of a traitor!

Star Wars: Legacy — War #4 (of 6) (On sale March 30. 40 pages)

The allies launch a series of maneuvers designed to lure Darth Krayt into a trap. Only who is trapping whom?

As Jedi and Imperial Knights fight shoulder to shoulder against the Sith in defense of the Hidden Temple, Cade Skywalker can’t help but think of his father and the horrible losses the Jedi suffered the last time the Sith attacked . . .

The tide of battle turns, and the future of the Jedi hangs in the balance!

Star Wars: Blood Ties — Jango and Boba Fett (On sale May 18th. 96 page trade paperback)

Here begins a multigenerational tale of honor and redemption, starring two of the heaviest hitters in the Star Wars galaxy — the father-and-clone team of Jango and Boba Fett!

A mission that begins with Jango Fett — before the Clone Wars — will affect the course of Boba Fett’s life some twenty years into the future. When an important assignment with a big payday from Count Dooku goes awry for Jango, Boba will be tasked with picking up the pieces . . .

Star Wars: The Old Republic Volume 2 — Threat of Peace (On sale May 4. 96 page trade paperback)

A look at the era of Star Wars: The Old Republic, written by one of the writers behind LucasArts and BioWare’s wildly anticipated massive multiplayer online game, Threat of Peace unveils a galaxy on the brink of destruction three hundred years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic!

Head on over to for full details.

Red Harvest – Full Cover/First Chapter Revealed

UPDATE: (12.23.10)

Chapter 8 Excerpt

UPDATE: (12.17.10)

Chapter 7 Excerpt

UPDATE: (12.13.10)

Chapter 6 Excerpt

UPDATE: (12.3.10)

Chapter 5 Excerpt


Chapter 4 Excerpt


Chapter 3 Excerpt


Chapter 2 Excerpt


Today gave us a preview of the upcoming horror novel Red Harvest, in the form of the full cover and the entire first chapter!

Head on over to check it out here; the first chapter is a PDF.

Red Harvest is due to see a hardcover release on December 28, 2010.

Ahsoka Tano Interviews Padme and Asajj Ventress

Kinda. :)

No, the voice of Ahsoka, Ashley Eckstein, held a quick interview with Catherine Taber (Padme Amidala, The Clone Wars; Mission Vao, Knights of the Old Republic) and Nika Futterman (Asajj Ventress, Sy Snootles, The Clone Wars) during the LA The Clone Wars screening. Also interviewed is Bonnie Burton, Lucasfilm Online developer and author. She goes by the name bonniegrrl on the forums.

Check out the videos below, and also the original posting from Ashley Eckstein’s site Her Universe. Her Universe Blog

The Clone Wars Weekly (12.6 – 12.12)

Welcome to the first installment of The Clone Wars Weekly! This column will be dedicated to news happenings, updates, and overall new info regarding The Clone Wars from the indicated week. Please note: this isn’t an exhaustive list. We are bound to have missed something. And dates posted reflect the date of our discovery.


The Clone Wars screenings held in several cities across the US seems to have been a huge success. Fans from all over attended the screenings, and were thrilled to encounter the usual fun atmosphere with other fans, prize giveaways, and in some cases, they were able to meet VIP’s from the series. Not to be forgotten is the content of the screenings itself, which were reported to have jaw-dropping revelations.

Sites from all over have posted their own reports from the screenings, but we’ll just simply give a link to the Official Star Wars Blog. Knights Archive is very impressed with how Lucasfilm reached out to its fans. We hope to see this again in the future, perhaps on a bigger scale.



The Clone Wars is nominated for 4 Annie awards.

Best Animated Television Production
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Arc Troopers”

Writing in a Television Production
- Daniel Arkin “Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Heroes on Both Sides”

Voice Acting in a Television Production
- Corey Burton as Baron Papanoida “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”
- Nika Futterman as Asajj Ventress “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

Congrats! Learn more about The Annie Awards here


TCW Magazine #2 announces 3 New The Clone Wars episode titles to air in January 2011:

Witches of the Mist

via @swfanworks


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