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The Clone Wars Weekly (2.28-3.6)


Battle Meditation Review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Counterattack (Episode 3.19)



Stephen Stanton (Captain Tarkin, TCW) Interview at Link


TV Guide has posted a synopsis for “Citadel Rescue”, episode 3.20 of The Clone Wars.

Anakin and Obi-Wan try to lead the prisoners away from the Citadel after their ship is destroyed. Plo Koon, meanwhile, stages his own rescue attempt.



James Arnold Taylor talks The Citadel Trilogy over at Link



Episode 3.19 “Counter Attack” Guide Preview now posted at (Includes an all-new clip) Link

RELATED ARTICLE: The Clone Wars Episode 3.19 Preview

The Clone Wars Weekly (2.21-2.27)


Interesting new Amazon listing up: Season Four Novel (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) Link

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap (October 27, 2011)

As our friend @Kirrmistwelder points out, this is likely an adaptation of the season 4 premiere.


The Clone Wars episode 3.20 is entitled “Citadel Rescue” Link



Full Episode 3.18 “The Citadel” Guide posted. Link

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Star Wars: Shadow Games Cover/Blurb


I asked Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff who the person is on the cover. She replied…

Well, that’s the cool thing — it could be either Dash Rendar or Han Solo given the context. Clever of the art department, I think.



Javul Charn is the most famous pop star in the galaxy — and the runaway bride of a violent lieutenant in Black Sun, the crime syndicate commanded by Prince Xizor. Or so Javul says. Soon after Dash Rendar, broke and desperate, agrees to be Javul’s bodyguard, he realizes that openness is not her strong suit — and that murder is stalking her tour.

Between the discovery of dead bodies in a cargo hold and an attack by an unidentified warship, Dash and co-pilot Eaden Vrill desperately try to understand who is terrorizing Javul’s tour and why. When Han Solo suddenly joins Javul’s road show, the stakes are raised even higher. Now Dash, who has a history with Han and an even worse history with Prince Xizor, follows his instincts, his discoveries, and Javul herself — straight into a world that may be too dangerous to survive!

Star Wars: Shadow Games is due to be released November 29, 2011.

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The Clone Wars Episode 3.19 Preview

The following is a preview for “Counter Attack”, episode 3.19 of The Clone Wars, from Cartoon Network.

Link To Preview

On an all new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Jedi have almost broken free from the Citadel. Well, we did say almost. Don’t miss part two of a special 3-part Star Wars: The Clone Wars event!

For those that are unable to see the preview from Cartoon Network, here it is on YouTube.

Lost Tribe Of The Sith 6: SENTINEL


The description has been released…

Cast into slavery by the machinations of the Sith, Ori Kitai believes she’s found her way back into the Lost Tribe — and perhaps a whole lot more. Ori’s discovery of a second starship gives her the opportunity to avenge the humiliations heaped on her family by the decrepit Grand Lord. Indeed, she could turn their entire society upside down — offering escape from their planetary prison. But Ori encounters resistance from a surprising person: the seemingly humble farmer who took her in: a man with a secret past and an agenda of his own. He cannot allow Ori Kitai to unleash the Lost Tribe on an unsuspecting galaxy. But how can he stop the woman he loves without destroying them both?

You can download SENTINEL over at



The art for Lost Tribe of the Sith: Sentinel has been posted on Star Wars Books Facebook page.

Look for its release on February 21, 2011. Star Wars Books also announced that “the free ebook novella LOST TRIBE OF THE SITH: 7: PANTHEON has moved to July 19, 2011 and LOST TRIBE OF THE SITH: 8: SECRETS has moved to March 8, 2012.”

We will update this post when the description for this ebook novella is revealed.

Previous LTOTS ebooks are…


SOURCE: Star Wars Books on Facebook

Twitter 250 Follower Giveaway!

UPDATE: (2.20.11)

We wanted to bump this article back to the top, because we have reached 250 followers and the giveaway has begun! To be eligible, you must be a follower and retweet the designated tweet. We will repost the designated tweet again each day until the contest ends, for those that missed the original one. For additional contest information, see the complete giveaway details below.
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Chewbacca In The Clone Wars!

UPDATE: (2.24.11)

Behind the scenes via


UPDATE: (2.22.11)

Cartoon Network has released a new clip of Chewbacca entitled “Chewie Returns”.


Read more

Tarkin Makes The Clone Wars Debut

UPDATE: (2.17.11)

Entertainment Weekly has posted a new article with an exclusive clip of Captain Tarkin. We now know what his voice sounds like!



The episode “The Citadel,” which airs on airing at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT Friday, February 18 on Cartoon Network, features the return of a classic Star Wars character from Episode IV. Long before he held the rank of Grand Moff in charge of Death Star operations, he was a Republic officer in the Clone Wars.

Here is your first look at Captain Tarkin.


Cover For ASCENSION Revealed

Fate of the Jedi: Ascension (#8 in the series) is due to be released August 16, 2011.


Star Tours Latest Announcements


  • There is now an official Star Tours Facebook page! [Link]


  • New Star Tours article from the LA Times. [Link][Via]


  • Disneyland renovations update from Endor Express, with awesome photos! [Link]


  • Opening date for Star Tours Disneyland has been announced: June 3rd. [Link]


  • The Orlando Sentinel has posted a rendering of the new Star Tours ride at Disney Hollywood Studios. [Link]

    In an exciting scene from the new Star Tours, guests aboard Starspeeders will join in a high-speed pod race through the desert canyons of Tatooine.


  • Disney Parks Blog has given us another update about the upcoming new Star Tours attraction, this time revealing more character appearances. Sounds like it’ll be a full roster. [Link]

    Well, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars adventure without Darth Vader. The Dark Lord of the Sith will be accompanied by legions of stormtroopers and some new “skytroopers,” designed especially for our show. Boba Fett, everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, also will be after us, as well as an assortment of nasty droids and creatures.

    Balancing out the villains are some classic good guys – and even a princess! Master Yoda, Admiral Ackbar (pictured above in a still image from “Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi”) and Princess Leia will appear in the show to help guide our adventures. We may even run into Chewbacca along the way!


  • The May 20, 2011 launch date was announced today by Walt Disney World president Meg Crofton, “just in time for Star Wars Weekends.”

    As part of a media gathering Tuesday night to celebrate the launch of the Disney Dream, Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton combined the magic of Disney and the power of the Force to reveal the Grand Opening date for the new Star Tours attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. Meg announced that the 3-D attraction will make its galactic debut May 20.


  • With a whole new ride comes a whole new main character – 3PO! It was announced today that the iconic droid will be at the controls… but that actually doesn’t sound very comforting, or safe. Awesome! [Link]

    I thought this was amusing…

    our initial plans were for our flight to be piloted by AC-38 better known as “Ace.” However, in discussions with George Lucas during the course of our production, we decided to take the story in a very different direction.

    But of course, George. But of course. :)

    This week, our Imagineering team begins installation of the Audio-Animatronics figures into the Starspeeder cabins at Disneyland park, and next month at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    The rides are scheduled to open the middle of next year.

The Clone Wars Weekly (2.14-2.20)


Battle Meditation Review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Citadel (Episode 3.18)



Matt Lanter (Anakin, TCW) talks The Clone Wars with MTV Geek. Link

Season 4 will continue on with darker moments like we have just seen in the “Mortis” arc, bringing Anakin closer and closer to Darth Vader.

Dave Filoni talks “The Citadel” over at Link

This arc is basically classic Star Wars


(2.14.11) has posted the episode 3.18 “The Citadel” guide preview. Link

Also included in the guide is a new clip showing more of the carbonite freezing process, and more of who gets frozen.

Full episode 3.17 “Ghosts of Mortis” guide posted at

Notable among this guide is the commentary, where Dave Filoni reveals that Sith Lords Darth Revan and Darth Bane were planned to appear in “Ghosts of Mortis”, but that idea was abandoned. Link

Cartoon Network posts episode 3.04 “Sphere of Influence” to air the week after episode 3.18 “The Citadel”. Link

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