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Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter Returns

Coming December 27th with a new short story and new cover art is Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, which was originally released in 2000. The short story will be written by James Luceno. Link

Review: Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Red Harvest Paperback Cover Art

Star Wars: Red Harvest is due to be released February 28, 2012. Link

Review: Red Harvest

The Blueprints Coming November 2011

Star Wars: The Blueprints brings together, for the first time, the original blueprints created for the filming of the Star Wars Saga. Drawn from deep within the Lucasfilm Archives and combined with exhaustive and insightful commentary from best-selling author J. W. Rinzler, the collection maps in precise, vivid, and intricate detail the very genesis of the most enduring and beloved sets ever to appear onscreen.

Star Wars: The Blueprints will be published in Fall 2011 as a single, limited edition of 5,000 hand-numbered copies, the first 125 of which will be signed by the three surviving Academy-Award® winners for Best Art Direction (Star Wars, 1978): art director Norman Reynolds; art director Les Dilley; and set dresser Roger Christian.

Link The Blueprints Site

Star Wars: The Blueprints Hardcover Edition

The Clone Wars Season 3 On Blu-ray & DVD

Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Season 3 will be available on October 18th for the suggested retail price of $44.98 for DVD and $59.99 for Blu-ray. Link

Sue Rostoni To Retire

Yup, Sue has announced that she will retire as Star Wars Executive Editor effective this July. Link

Sue, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work these many years, and especially for your fan-friendliness. It really means a lot that someone in your position was so easily accessible to fans, whether they were positive or negative. I wish you well in your future endeavors!

For those that are unaware, Sue is currently a VIP member over at the Port Haven Star Wars Forums. Link Look for her over in the EU forum… she’s maintained a presence similar to that of the Official Site boards thus far!

A Chat With Sue Rostoni

Upcoming Scholastic / G&D Publication Covers

Here’s some new cover reveals from product listings at Amazon.

Clone Wars Adventures: The Official Guide to the Virtual World (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) (September 29, 2011) Grosset & Dunlap [Link]
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Dark Horse Star Wars Comics September 2011


Alexander Freed (W), George Freeman (P), Dave Ross (P), Mark McKenna (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Benjamin Carré (Cover)
On sale Sept 14
FC, 32 pages

Captured by the evil Sith Empire, Republic spy Theron Shan is about to find out what secret sacrifice brought about the end of the great war. But once the Imperial’s covert activities are revealed, will he be able to act on his devastating discoveries?
The senior writer of the online game The Old Republic continues to weave secrets for game players into this comics saga! Don’t miss a single crucial issue!

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The Old Republic RETURN Intro Cinematic Trailer

A new The Old Republic trailer, Return, was unveiled at E3 2011. It’s nothing short of awesome.

Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic stood as a bastion of peace in the galaxy for a thousand generations. Several centuries ago, the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known emerged in the form of the dark Sith Empire. After a volatile war, the Republic emerged victorious and the Sith were assumed to be extinct. Nonetheless, the Jedi have maintained a constant vigil over the ancient Sith homeworld, to protect the galaxy from the darkness that still resides in the planet’s tombs.

The Old Republic: Encyclopedia Cover Art
The Old Republic: Encyclopedia
The Old Republic Now Available For Pre-Order
Star Wars The Old Republic: Signs of War
The Old Republic Launch Dates Announced
New SWTOR Trailer: Fate of the Galaxy

Fate of the Jedi: APOCALYPSE Front Cover

[Link] Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse is currently slated for an April 3, 2012 release.

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Galactic News Minute (5.30-6.5)


  • Star Wars Books has posted an excerpt from the upcoming Fate of the Jedi: ASCENSION novel due to be released this August. [Link]

    She pointed to a message flashing on the screen.
    Short and completely mysterious, Han mused, frowning a little.
    It came in on my private channel.
    The one only about six people and two droids have access to?
    That would be the one.

  • In a recent interview with Suvudu, Aaron Allston talks EU and gives us a few details from his upcoming Wraith Squadron novel, which is currently slated for a July 2012 release. [Link]

    Most of the action takes place in the same approximate period as Fate of the Jedi, but there are critical chapters that revisit the Wraiths in earlier years, starting just after they made the jump to become an Intelligence unit. The current-era story reunites some of the longtime Wraiths, introduces new ones, and even has second-generation Wraiths.

    Not every subplot that arose in Fate of the Jedi will have been resolved by that series’ end, and it’s up to the Wraiths to clean up a big mess left behind. That’s about all I’m willing to say at this time.

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Star Wars Celebration VI News

Just announced: Star Wars Celebration VI will be held in Orlando, FL on August 23-26, 2012! Tickets can be purchased now via

Thursday, Friday, and Sunday Passes are $55, Saturday Passes are $65, Adult Four-Day Passes are $135, Kids Four-Day Passes are $54, and Kids One-Day Passes are $27.

There’s no news yet regarding guest appearances, but that will definitely change in the months to come. Stay tuned!

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