The Clone Wars
Episode 4.05: Mercy Mission



The planet Aleen has been left in ruins after groundquakes have devastated the planet, killing many of the native creatures and leaving the survivors hungry and dying. A relief support team, including a Clone squad led by Clone Commander Wolffe, C-3PO and R2-D2 come to aid the creatures in giving supplies and medical care.

The King of the natives, King Manchucho, welcomes the Republic aid gratefully but insists that they must “make peace with the ground” if the quakes are to stop. Commander Wolffe dismisses the idea, thinking it was something like a religion to the natives and not part of his orders anyway, leaving the creatures to turn to C-3PO and R2-D2 for help.
When they lead the droids to an unsealed tunnel, C-3PO falls in followed by R2. The cave closes in, trapping them in the darkness. They search for a way out, with C-3PO wailing all the while, to find the Kindalo; tall creatures that look like dead trees with a blue glow. They hint at the problem and cause of the quakes, but tell them to find Orphne, a mysterious nymph.

The droids follow a sparkling glow in the dark cave that leads them to Orphne. She tells them of how she is responsible for keeping the surface and sub-surface world on the planet separated and that there is a hole, or a leak between the two, causing the creatures on both sides sick with the air on the opposite side, preventing them from fixing the hole themselves. Orphne is trying to cover up the hole by sending quakes.

When asked how they could escape, Orphne says that if it is their fate to escape, they will. She also gave them a riddle, then disappeared into the sparking glow that led them to her. As C-3PO tries to figure out the riddle, R2 finds golden engravings on the floor representing elements. When he gets to the element of water, he hoses it down, and solves the riddle. The answer was a river. C-3PO said it out loud, the engravings all lit up and the center shot up into a huge flower on the ceiling of the cave, firing them up to the planet’s surface again. C-3PO and R2 quickly closed the opening to the cave and the planet was saved.

I loved the introduction of Orphne. Her clothes seemed to be made of leaves or feathers, her skin was green and her character was very mysterious. I also enjoyed seeing Wolffe, he’s tough and follows orders just like he’s meant to, being a loyal clone. He was also pretty funny when he got annoyed at C-3PO.

I found him a bit annoying too, after awhile. He’s always complaining and such, like usual. Not like R2. He was as clever and brave as ever. After watching the episode I felt that it needed more. It thought it was a bit simple and empty, I suspect it was the plot, but once I really looked back at all of the events, the episode felt a lot more ‘full’.
This episode I loved because it was different. It shows the native people and creatures of a planet, rather than Jedi in the war, which doesn’t happen often. I like these sort of episodes.

- super_redhead

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