The Clone Wars
Episode 4.06: Nomad Droids



After returning to the Jedi Star fighter after a long adventure last episode, C-3PO and R2-D2 are forced to escape after General Grievous attacks the craft. They leave in a Y-wing fighter, and crash land on the planet home to the Patitite after being shot down. They then have a brief encounter with the small creatures known as the Patitite, who tie them up on the spot and bring their leader to them for punishment as intruders. The selfish leader, Hay-Zu, (who looks like a mini hutt to me), ordered them to be freed after 3-PO explained their situation. R2 approached the stuck-up leader, and after 3-PO patted him on the back, R2 toppled over and squashed the leader, resulting in his death. The Patitite cheered for the death of their horrible leader, and argued 3-PO to take over his job, but the droid refused, telling them to vote for a fair person in charge from their own race.

The Y-wing was repaired and they flew off, only for the ship to run out of power and crash again on the planet Balnab. There, they were captured again by the race living there and again taken to an unfair leader. This leader was in fact a group of pit droids sick of not getting any attention, and who set up a holographic image to trick the race into following them. R2 figured it all out and the droids left in the chaos that followed the revealing. They ran out of power under a large mushroom-like plant and were left there.

After a small while a group of space pirates found them and brought them to their ship. They recharged them and threw them into a pit with another big droid, KO-5D, programmed to dismantle other droids for the pirates entertainment. Just as things looked bad, Grievous’ ship turned up with the captured Adi Gallia, and shot open the ship for target practice, per Grievous’ orders. 3-PO and R2 were flung out through the hole and into space.
R2 acts quickly and flies into Grievous’ ship, only to be captured yet again. Then, another battle commences where Master Plo Koon and Clone Commander Wolffe lead the attack on Grievous to free Gallia. In the battle the droids join the Republic forces and, much to Wolffe’s dismay, 3PO rambles on about their great new adventures.

This episode I found was alright, but could be better in a few ways. In the first few moments where the droids and the Patitite people met, it reminded me of the movie Gullivers Travels, because 3-PO was all tied up with little people scurrying around on top of him. Very cute. I also loved the music that the little Patitite band made. Apart from this, the encounter between the droids and the tiny people was a short, sped up one, and I think that this could have been elongated or fed more plot, maybe even made into a whole episode.

This was the same with the encounter on the other planet, Balnab, and basically everything else in the episode. Rushed through or highly unlikely. What are the chances of being found under cover, or being saved by the bad guys? This time ‘round, the droids were just too lucky. I also wasn’t sure about the ship they took. 3-PO made it sound like the craft was damaged beyond repairs, but they fixed it themselves with the help of one of the Patitite. Of course, 3PO was just whining, which I found got very, very old and boring by the end of the episode.
I didn’t like this episode, I’m afraid to say, but am looking forward to non-3PO episodes in the future.

- super_redhead