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The Clone Wars Review: Escape from Kadavo

The Clone Wars
Episode 4.13: Escape from Kadavo



We last saw Obi-Wan, Rex and the colonists of Kiros all enslaved and put to work in mines of Kadavo by the brutal Agruss. The Queen of the slavers, the Zygerrians, took a fancy to Anakin and kept him close as a body guard whilst Ahsoka was kept in a cage overlooking a large city.

The Queen’s plan was to weaken Obi-Wan’s spirit and one day do the same to other Jedi on a larger scale, but her plan was stopped when Dooku came by order of his master to kill the Jedi and the queen if she disagreed. Anakin gave his ‘saber to the queen as she left to meet Dooku. Anakin wasted no time in defeating the guards with the help of R2-D2, then locating and releasing Ahsoka. Ashoka was told to stay on guard for when Anakin found the location of Obi-Wan and the others by going to the Queen.

At the palace Dooku was not impressed with the queen’s plan and tells her to kill the Jedi. When she refused to hurt Anakin, Dooku chokes her with the force. This is all overlooked by the treacherous Prime minister Atai who wants to take over the Queen’s role as ruler. At that moment Anakin rushes into the room and gets into a fight with Dooku. Seeing no way out he gives Ahsoka the signal so he can escape. Ahsoka rescues Anakin who picked up the Queen and they fly out of trouble. The Queen reveals the location of the slaves to Anakin in her dying words on board the ship.

Meanwhile, at Kadavo, the dishearted Obi-Wan and Rex are called upon by Agruss who has the orders to execute them by Dooku. Anakin, Ahsoka and R2 arrive at the prison to rescue Obi-Wan, Rex and the slaves. Dooku warns Anakin not to attack saying that if he does they will kill all of the colonists, but Anakin isn’t fazed as he brought back-up, Plo Koon and the clone trooper squad Wolfpack in all ships. Anakin, Wolfpack and Plo work quickly in destroying the base’s offenses to allow the slaves to safely escape. Obi-Wan and Rex free themselves and defeat the guards around them. Rex also kills Agruss, but only after he hit the controls to open the floor underneath the slaves from the room that they were being kept in. Ahsoka quickly formulates a plan and orders a craft to hover beneath the room with cables so the slaves could escape.

The plan was successful in the end and the slaves were all freed. Ahsoka was praised on her quickly devised plan and the governor of Kiros finally decided to join the Republic.

After a long break this episode was a great treat. It was the final punch in the arc, full of action and good story. It was exactly what I was hoping for. It was great to see some good story without too many mistakes.

This episode was, again, dark, showing things like slavery and hand to hand combat, and deaths. And, of course, poor Obi-Wan getting beaten for the third episode in a row or something like that. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, it’s interesting to see the amount of things they’re putting onto the show. I’m not sure if it’s to extend the show’s target audience, or something, but then and again, there’s probably fiercer battles or moments in the past, or in the future. Just something interesting.

I think that creating the arc based on the comic was a great idea because of the amount of action involved, and the way everything works out in the end after a great battle. That was very entertaining for me.

I do think though, that this arc could have been almost perfect if they added in some parts about the characters, like Anakin towards the idea of slaves. More like Obi-Wan in this episode, you looked into that a bit and knew what he was feeling towards the other slaves when he tried to help, but only hindered. That’s what I wanted to see in Anakin, slowly hinting at his future as a Sith lord. That would’ve made it perfect, I think.

Apart from that, there isn’t much else but a few moments that didn’t make sense for me, like how Agruss had the time to activate all of those switches and Obi-Wan didn’t stop him, but watched. But I think that was just a minor error, perhaps caused by camera shots that went to the clones and the action out side of that facility in the middle of that.

I’m picking on the episode a bit here, but I really did enjoy it.

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