Love Star Wars books? Enjoy talking about them? Want an easy way to get your opinions online, to be read by fans all over the world? Join us!

We are once again sending out a request for a Star Wars novel reviewer. You will be joining Andrew, super_redhead and I as we strive to review all things Star Wars.

Why review for Knights Archive?

  • We love Star Wars!
  • This is a fully operational battle station; once I add you to the system, you’re ready to share your opinions with our readers.
  • Once a review is posted, it’s sent across the internet via our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, The Forcebook.com, Port Haven Forums, our LiveJournal account and is also submitted directly to Del Rey or DK Publishing.
  • Posting reviews is a great way to increase your enjoyment of Star Wars. You know you’ll be heard, you’ll likely meet new people across the fandom, and who knows, an author or other VIP may acknowledge your review (happens here all the time). That in itself is an awesome privilege.
  • You’ll also have posting access to our Archive Entries section, which is a collection of staff essays about anything Star Wars.

How does it work?

You pick what you want to read from the entire Expanded Universe timeline. Posting one review a month is a great goal, but no worries if things get in the way. Once you post a review, move on to the next book! As I mentioned, reviews are submitted to Del Rey or DK Publishing (newly released publications).

If you are interested, send us an email at knightsarchive@hotmail.com. You’ll be asked to send a sample review. We’ll select a reviewer from all entries posted. May the Force be with you!