Just last week, the rumor broke about a possible mashup of oddly epic proportions: Angry Birds Star Wars. I remember seeing the news thanks to my gaming website of choice, Joystiq, and had to make sure I wasn’t having a dream/nightmare. Never in a million Kessel Runs would I have considered crossing the extremely popular mobile game Angry Birds, where you sling the titular birds at pigs who have stolen their eggs, with the mythical saga of Star Wars. There have been stranger things, like the Transformers Star Wars toys or this hilarious list of fan-made mashups over at ForeverGeek, but I felt this rumor was about as real as the angels on the moon of Iego. The official, and newly released, Tumblr page from Rovio, Angry Birds’ developers, proved me wrong.

And like any good pairing of two mega-properties, the playable app will be joined by an intriguing merchandising line. The folks at IdleHands (which I saw thanks to this ClubJade story) stole the secret plans for a plush toy line, ridiculously rotund costumes, Jenga inspired playsets, and a figure pack. If your either a collector or have children (or both), you’ll likely find yourself emptying your wallet this holiday season.

As for the rest of us, the app releases on November 8th,where you can either opt to purchase it or get the ad-filled version for free (like all Angry Birds games). Either way, Rovio and Lucasfilm Ltd. stand to make a pretty penny or two when this megaton mashup launches. Hopefully that money can go towards making the live action TV show sometime in our lifetimes.

Pay a visit to the Angry Birds Tumblr page for cool fan art, funny wallpapers, and other little tidbits right HERE.

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