One word. Tragic.

Order 66 was the apex of so many horrible things that happened in the last days of the Old Republic. There were, no doubt, many non-Jedi casualties in the galaxy during the Clone Wars. I do not minimize their deaths in any way. But seeing the Guardians of Peace and Justice of the Republic destroyed by the Republic itself… is… tragic.

Yes, we know that the mastermind and ultimate responsibility for this falls upon the Sith, namely, Darth Sidious. His plan, many argue, was nothing short of brilliant. I will admit, that looking at his plan from a pure strategic standpoint, his plan was… brilliant. But, from a human standpoint, his plan was destructive and evil.

I just cannot give “props” to an individual that devoted his life to the plan that killed innocent lives. Say what you want about how the story was told, but you can’t deny that we became attached to the Jedi when watching the PT. We appreciated their devotion to the galaxy. We truly understood what it meant when old Ben said that they were the Guardians of Peace and Justice. They were the good guys, to put it simple.

But that wasn’t enough to stop evil.

“The time has come”, said Sidious.

For him, that meant relief. To us, it meant tragedy. It meant seeing something that we had heard talked about for years. But all of those years didn’t prepare us for what we were about to witness. Jedi, in one world after another, killed. Killed while they were serving the people of the Republic. Many… shot in the back. Shot in the back by cowards.

I’m not calling the clones cowards. They were merely doing what they were programmed to do. The Sith are the true cowards. I will never defend what they did. Not after what I saw. And I guarantee… we didn’t see it all. But what we saw was enough.

Order 66 cleared the way for another execution… the destruction of the Republic. “Reorganized” is how Palpatine would describe it. Reorganized into a safe and secure society. Not by a long shot.

The Senate replied with thunderous applause, but the sound of that applause would soon haunt each and every member of the Senators. That sound would be the sound that woke them from their troubled sleep at night. The sound that was music to Palpatine’s ears.

We know how the story ends.

But that doesn’t change how most of us feel about Order 66.

“Dark times” indeed.