I’ve seen a lot of discussion over the years about the Star Wars franchise, and if Lucas should remain in control of it. I wasn’t around (or at least too young) when the original trilogy was released in theaters, so I don’t know if discussion of this kind was around then. I do know that when I found Star Wars, which was in the early 90′s, I loved every bit of it. I loved the characters, the story, the battles, the excitement, and I watched them constantly. Star Wars never got old. Even after my collection of toys and posters and other things Star Wars started to grow to a respectable size. I may have been “not in the know”, but I don’t recall any negative talk about Star Wars in my own little world.

Then, something happened. The special dditions were released in theaters. To me, it was a dream come true. I applauded most of the changes. Even though I didn’t care for a few of them, never once did it enter into my mind that Lucas was going astray, or that he was ruining the franchise, or even that he should hand it over. Later on, when the prequels were released, I had my gripes. The Phantom Menace was truly exciting to watch, as was Attack of the Clones and especially Revenge of the Sith, but there are things about the episodes that I’m not a fan of. I even have some friends that honestly didn’t like Revenge of the Sith as soon as they watched it for the first time.

Basically my point is, I’m not oblivious to negativity towards the prequels like I may be towards the original trilogy. Well, back then, anyway. Now that a new generation born during the prequel era is growing old enough to post about their thoughts, there is a wave of original trilogy-bashing that rivals the same treatment of the prequel trilogy. Vicious cycle. I just wonder, what is it that is causing fans to want to separate Lucas from the franchise? Is there any one thing? Or an accumulation of things?

Is it the amount of use of CG in the prequels? Well, the technology has to be pioneered somewhere. Lucas chose to half continue the story, half experiment with technology, yes. But was not the same thing done in the original trilogy? Didn’t the original trilogy rise above the visual norm? Why do people criticize the prequels for its visuals but not the original trilogy? Maybe its the quality? Would people complain if the visuals were as pure as Avatar?

Or is the the story? The way Lucas started the trilogy doesn’t seem to mesh with many. I wonder, did the EU have anything to do with the failed expectations? There are many that have said that EU is much better than the movies themselves. Are fans no longer satisfied with the direction of Lucas’ storytelling because there’s a different taste out there?

Then there’s the Clone Wars series, which is a whole ‘nother thang. Not sure that I want to touch that one at all. I can see the viewpoint of EU fans. But is what Lucas is doing with regard to the series enough to justify his leave?

Look, I’m not judging any side here. I’m just addressing the situation. I know it’s been addressed many times. These are just my own thoughts. I don’t think that Lucas should hand it over. It may be a fact that other directors could do a better job. I think it would be interesting to see what Filoni could do if the Clone Wars were his ship. We may have received a better trilogy if other directors took the episodes on. The EU may even still be intact if someone else handled the writing. But would Star Wars feel the same if it didn’t come from Lucas? Would we care if it didn’t?

I guess the big part of me feels that this is Lucas’ world. This came from his mind. No matter what happens, it’s his right to do what he wants. I’ll support him either way. I know a whole lot more than I did back then, but you know what? Star Wars was more fun when all I knew about was the movies themselves. When I didn’t know who directed what or wrote what or even who the actors were. When, in my mind, the only thing that existed was what was unfolding on the TV.

Sometimes I wish I could revert back to that blissful ignorance.

Bryan Dean is the founder and administrator of Knights’ Archive. You can follow him on Twitter at @bry_dean.