The rumors are disturbing.

The implications… scandalous.

The Old Republic… Corrupt. Rotting. Beyond repair?

Palpatine would have us believe those things. In fact, he told Queen Amidala as much on Coruscant. But was it true?

There are some sources out there that have survived the passing of time that back up Palpatine’s claims. In fact, some give us an estimated time period for the start of this supposed corruption. One estimate puts the start of widespread corruption at least 100 years before the Galactic Civil War.

100 years. Years before the appearance of The Phantom Menace. But how is that possible? How is it possible that the Jedi Order, who’s allegiance was to the Senate, would allow such treachery to take root? Were they not the Guardians of Peace and Justice? How could they rightly be said to serve the citizens of the Republic if they went along with the corruption? If they didn’t go along with it, how did they react to it?

Another point of consideration…
It is also rumored that the late Count Dooku left the Jedi Order because of the corruption. Another fact? Or a cover-up for the real reason he left… that reason being that he was seduced by the mysterious Darth Sidious, a.k.a. Palpatine?

Now, consider this. Why would the Separatists want to break away from the Republic if it was functional? What incentive did Count Dooku offer them… an incentive that obviously worked? Reform? If so, could that be proof that the Republic was truly mired in corruption? We do know that it was full of corrupt leaders looking for a bankroll just before and during the Clone Wars.

But would 10 short years of Palpatine’s manipulation after the Battle of Naboo be enough to sway thousands of systems in the Republic?

Citizens of the Empire, these are important questions that must be answered. Because if the rumor of widespread corruption before the appearance of The Phantom Menace is true, then the Emperor’s plan to sweep away the Old Republic would be justified, would it not? Surely the Republic would have been beyond repair. Or would it?

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- Master Optician