Empire and Rebellion #3 Synopsis

A new catalog listing has popped up for the upcoming Empire and Rebellion #3, by Kevin Hearne. Link

This is an audio listing for the book, but the synopsis should be the same:

Kevin Hearne, New York Times best-selling author of the hugely popular Iron Druid Chronicles series-including Hounded, Hexed, and Hunted-makes his Star Wars debut with an action-packed classic Star Wars adventure, starring Luke, with pals Han, and Princess Leia!

In an attempt to distract the Empire from important Rebel Alliance activity, Luke Skywalker draws the attention of Imperial Security, leading him-along with Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Chewbacca-into a deadly trap right in Darth Vader’s sights!

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Leland Chee Tweets The Clone Wars Chronological Order

The Clone Wars Lost Missions

While there’s a rather awesome and reliable The Clone Wars Episode Guide already out there, it’s nonetheless impressive that Holocron Keeper and Story Group member Leland Chee tweeted The Clone Wars‘ entire chronological order in 140 characters or less. Read more

Dave Filoni Talks ‘Lost Missions’ and Thanks The Clone Wars Fans

The Clone Wars

In case you missed it, the highly anticipated and long awaited ‘Lost Missions’ arrived on Netflix, along with the entire The Clone Wars series, on March 7th. To celebrate the release, executive producer Dave Filoni talked with both Entertainment Weekly and the LA Times, regarding the ‘Lost Missions’ content and his feelings about fan favorite Ahsoka Tano. Then early Monday morning, March 10th, he posted on the official Star Wars’s blog, thanking fans for their support of The Clone Wars throughout the years. In the post, he dropped some really awesome hints with hand-drawn sketches at what another season, or two, of the show would’ve contained. If you were angry when they cancelled the show, then you might not want to look at the images.

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Star Wars: Jedi Academy: Return of the Padawan

Jedi Academy

The second Jedi Academy book from Jeffrey Brown now has cover art! Link
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Novel Review: Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves

- Spoiler Review -

Honor Among Thieves is the second installment in the Empire and Rebellion series, and it is easily the best of the series so far and one of the best Star Wars novels I’ve ever read.
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Megan’s Review: Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves

- Minor Spoiler Review -

The writing team of James. S. A. Corey bring strong prose and organic dialogue to their brisk Han Solo tale in Honor Among Thieves. This is a Han who sounds like his A New Hope self, with dialogue that is legitimately funny and filled with attitude. It’s one of the more quotable Star Wars books – I found myself reading funny dialogue even to friends who aren’t into the franchise.
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Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves Twitter Giveaway!

Honor Among Thieves

To help celebrate the release of Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves, we are once again having a giveaway on Twitter! A hardcover copy is up for grabs, and as usual it’s easy to participate.
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Goodbye Aaron Allston, Galactic Hero

Aaron Allston

When I think of Aaron Allston, many things come to mind. Things like excellence, talented, and visionary. I think of terms such as kind, humorous, and intelligent. Those are but a few ways I can describe the man who entertained me with fascinating adventures from a galaxy far, far away, time after time.
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Star Wars Weekends Gains Extra Weekend


If you were thinking of going to Star Wars Weekends, but could only make it for June 13-15, you’re in luck: Disney has added another Weekend just for you! Okay, maybe not just for you, but for the loads of people who’d like to see more content from the rather popular Weekends. Not only is there another weekend to look forward to, but the always personable, easily likable, and extremely talented James Arnold Taylor will host the festivities. Another Weekend with Obi-Wan…what more can you ask for?

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The Clone Wars: “Lost Missions” Gets Impressive Trailer

During it’s initial run, trailers for each of The Clone Wars‘ seasons were always rather exciting and impressive. The above trailer for the “Lost Missions” definitely continues the trend, holding some tantalizing images for what looks to be some rather revelatory episodes. Netflix will be hosting these episodes, and the entire series and debut movie, starting March 7th.

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Comic Review: The Star Wars #5

#5 copy

The previous issue was a return to form and left off with our very large group of heroes looking to sneak off Aquilae. The Star Wars #5 picks up right at that moment, but quickly gets lost amongst a sea of pacing issues and the most bizarre and sudden love story since…well, ever. At least the art is still great.

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The Ghost’s Pilot and the Crew’s Heart: Hera Joins Rebels Cast

Our last, but definitely not least, heroine from Star Wars: Rebels was revealed by Entertainment Weekly this morning: Hera. She is the pilot of the Ghost, which Dave Filoni says, “She’s the one who got it, bought it, swindled it out of someone, however you want it.” Hera, a Twi’lek, will not only be the captain of the ship, but of the entire crew, functioning as the leader and their heart. She’s definitely capable of taking care of herself and chooses to help take care of our crew, holding them together. Sounds like a captain I could get behind. Vanessa Marshall provides the voice, who seems just as excited as I am to follow Hera’s journey, “Every time we get a script I’m breathless with anticipation, because I want to see where we’re going to.”

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