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Galactic News Minute (5.30-6.5)


  • Star Wars Books has posted an excerpt from the upcoming Fate of the Jedi: ASCENSION novel due to be released this August. [Link]

    She pointed to a message flashing on the screen.
    Short and completely mysterious, Han mused, frowning a little.
    It came in on my private channel.
    The one only about six people and two droids have access to?
    That would be the one.

  • In a recent interview with Suvudu, Aaron Allston talks EU and gives us a few details from his upcoming Wraith Squadron novel, which is currently slated for a July 2012 release. [Link]

    Most of the action takes place in the same approximate period as Fate of the Jedi, but there are critical chapters that revisit the Wraiths in earlier years, starting just after they made the jump to become an Intelligence unit. The current-era story reunites some of the longtime Wraiths, introduces new ones, and even has second-generation Wraiths.

    Not every subplot that arose in Fate of the Jedi will have been resolved by that series’ end, and it’s up to the Wraiths to clean up a big mess left behind. That’s about all I’m willing to say at this time.

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Galactic News Minute (5.16-5.22)


  • Drew Karpyshyn compares Revan the video game character to Revan the novel character over at his blog.

    To put it bluntly, Revan in the book will not be the uber-powered death machine you controlled at the end of the video game. You might have min-maxed your character to smack Darth Malak down in seconds without breaking a sweat, but in a book that battle would have been a brutal, hard fought affair spread over multiple pages. In a video game it’s fun to kill hundreds of Sith Masters, but in a book that would just be boring. It would suck out any drama or conflict or tension, and as an author I have no interest in writing that.

    He writes much more about this, so head on over and check it out. [Link]

  • A new statement has been revealed in the blurb for the upcoming Star Wars: Shadow Games. [Link]


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Galactic News Minute (4.11-4.17)


  • The Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary Edition release date has been bumped a week to June 28, 2011. [Link]
  • has provided a glimpse of the upcoming Star Wars Art: Comics. [Link]

Galactic News Minute (3.21-3.27)


  • Brief ‘Plagueis’ novel update from Star Wars Books on Facebook. [Link]

    I came into the office this morning to find an email from Shelly Shapiro with James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis manuscript attached. To say I’m excited to read this is an understatement. (ES)

    UPDATE! Erich has posted some info, including the working title and an excerpt…

    as of now, the title is simply STAR WARS: DARTH PLAGUEIS.

    A little taste for you all, from the first page: “Darth Bane would appreciate our efforts,” the Sith Master was telling his apprentice…

    Marine Raider, single book.

    (Standalone confirmation)


  • Sue Rostoni gave a brief update on Shadow Games, including a quote. [Link]

    Oh, I’m reading page proofs to SHADOW GAMES right now, and for those into page counts, it’s 338 pages. Here’s something on page 238….

    “In case you haven’t noticed, Captain, there are Imperials all over the place. It would be in our customer’s interests to be discreet.” The Wookiee said something, to which Han replied, “Of course I’m discreet. I’m always discreet.” To Dash he said, “What’d you have in mind?”


  • LightSaber Rattling has posted a new interview with author Paul S. Kemp. [Link]
  • Sue Rostoni answered a few questions today. [Link] One was an answer to a question that I asked about how the last three Fate of the Jedi novel covers would differ from the rest, as mentioned in the Random House Fall 2011 Catalog Ascension Entry. The Conviction, Ascension and Apocalypse covers will have colored highlights against black backgrounds.
  • Paul S. Kemp gave us a brief Riptide update. [Link]

    Fired off final corrections to RIPTIDE page proofs. I won’t see the book again until, well, it’s an actual book.

  • has posted a Star Wars schedule of events at the upcoming WonderCon 2011. [Link]

Galactic News Minute (3.14-3.20)


Some big announcements from Del Rey were made today at C2E2. These are via @swactionnews.

1) James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis novel is finished and will be out in the next year. Link

2) The Phantom Menace and Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter novels to each have a new James Luceno short story featuring Darth Maul. Link

3) Aaron Allston’s new ‘Wraith Squadron’ novel is due to be released next summer. Link
Manuscript is still being written. Link

4) Nothing is planned at the moment, but Del Rey would like to publish another “Tales Of” book. Link

5) ‘The Making of’ Return of the Jedi has been officially announced. Link

6) Original short stories are returning to Star Wars Insider. Next will be “First Blood” by Christie Golden then “Buyer’s Market” by Timothy Zahn featuring Lando Calrissian. Link


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Galactic News Minute (3.7-3.13)


Cool Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary Edition announcement from Star Wars Books: Link

We are so excited about the upcoming special 20th anniversary edition of HEIR TO THE EMPIRE that beginning next Thursday, 3/17, we will post one of the new annotations Tim Zahn wrote for the book every Thursday leading up to the on sale date June 21. (ES)


Brief publication update from J.W. Rinzler: Link

SW: Blueprints is off to the printer! Got in a final interview with Les Dilley. Tomorrow showing SW: Comics to George. Steranko art is IN!


(3.9.11) has posted a Star Wars schedule of events at the 2011 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2).

Galactic News Minute (2.28-3.6)


Check out The Old Republic: Deceived novel trailer over at the SWTOR forums. Link



Sue Rostoni has posted some updates: Link

To answer a question from a while back, “Imprint” will not be in the upcoming John Jackson Miller anthology.

What I’m up to now? Am in the middle of reading page proofs for Paul S. Kemp’s RIPTIDE.

Jim Luceno’s Plagueis manuscript has arrived at Random House — I’ll get it in a couple weeks, probably. Can’t wait for this one!



Yet another awesome blog, this time from Drew Karpyshyn. Link

He doesn’t give much about his “secret project” (The Old Republic #3), but he does give an insightful look into “how the whole writer/editor/publisher thing works”. You will want to read this.


Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff has posted blog packed with goodies today, including this… Link

When Michael and I were working on Patterns of Force, I thought it was real at every single one of those junctures. But today, while working on the novel tentatively entitled STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, I had another reality check moment.

She goes on to mention that she needed to reference Kaj Savaros, we assume for this novel. Could this perhaps be the same novel tentatively titled JEDI DAWN? We’ve sent off the question to her…

UPDATE: Maya confirms to us that the tentative title THE LAST JEDI has replaced JEDI DAWN for the Coruscant Nights IV novel.

I noted that Jedi Dawn has already been used for another book and Michael really likes the title Last Jedi. So we’re calling it that for the time being. Who knows what title it will actually go to print with

Maya does say that this change is unofficial, that The Last Jedi is what she and Michael are currently calling it. Such is the nature of working titles. We’ll stay tuned for further info.



J. W. Rinzler has given us updates regarding a few of his projects. Link

George app’d artwork by Paul Pope for SW Art: Comics–fantastic stuff! And third pass of Blueprints is in-house for last-minute changes…


John Jackson Miller has released the production notes for the Knight Errant novel. Link

Galactic News Minute


J. W. Rinzler announces new publication. Link

Announcing the sequel to SW Art: Visions–SW Art: Comics. The best of SW comic book art–with a few special guests: Steranko, Mignola…

Drew Karpyshyn confirmed today that the third The Old Republic hardcover novel slated for a October 18, 2011 release is the “secret project” he’s been talking about for a while. Link

There’s also been some more buzzing about my not-so-secret project over on the official Star Wars forums. You can skim through the posts to get Sue Rostoni’s updates on the latest publishing info – it runs backwards (most recent posts on page one), so it’s a little hard to follow. To summarize, she confirmed I’m writing a novel tie-in with the Star Wars: The Old Republic game we’re working on at BioWare. She mentioned an October hardcover release. And that’s about it. The BIG news is still being kept under wraps for now… but the time of revelation is drawing near.



John Jackson Miller held a Q&A over at Star Wars Books on Facebook. EUCantina has provided the transcripts of the interview. Link

Galactic News Minute

UPDATE: Sue now confirms:

  • The October 18th entry is the Old Republic novel by Drew Karpyshyn that was announced at CV.
  • Jedi Dawn has been pushed to August 2013.
  • The November 2012 Book 1 of a Duology is the same announced by Paul S. Kemp.
  • Red Harvest PBR release has been pushed to 2.28.12
  • Vortex PBR release has been pushed to 3.27.12
  • Deceived PBR release has been pushed to 5.29.12
  • Choices of One PBR has been added (6.26.12)
  • Conviction PBR has been pushed to 8.28.12
  • Old Republic novel by Drew Karpyshyn PBR has been added. (10.31.12)
  • Ascension PBR has been added (11.27.12)



Sue Rostoni has posted an updated novel release schedule over at the forums. The major headlines here…

  • Riptide pushed to September 27th.
  • Untitled “something” added (10.28.11)
  • Shadow Games pushed to November 29th.
  • Plagueis Novel added (January 2012)
  • Untitled Jeff Grubb novel pushed to May 2012.
  • Apocalypse pushed to April 2012
  • Lost Tribe of the Sith Anthology added (August 2012)
  • Untitled Nomi Sunrider novel pushed to September 2012
  • Book 1 of a Duology added (November 2012)

Here’s the 2011 calendar as it now stands, beginning with KNIGHT ERRANT that just came out.

January 15 – KNIGHT ERRANT (John Jackson Miller)
February 22 – BACKLASH reprint (Aaron Allston)
March 22 – DECEIVED (Paul Kemp)
March 29 – SW Craft book (Bonnie Burton)
April 26 – ALLIES reprint (Christie Golden)
May 24 – CONVICTION (Aaron Allston)
May 24 FATAL ALLIANCE reprint (Sean Williams)
July 19 – CHOICES OF ONE (Timothy Zahn)
August 16 ASCENSION (Christie Golden)
August 30 – THE FORCE UNLEASHED II reprint (Sean Williams)
September 27 – RIPTIDE (Paul Kemp)
October 18 – Something that hasn’t been announced yet, I don’t think.
October 18 – THE COMPLETE VADER (Ryder Windham and Pete Vilmur)
November 29 – SHADOW GAMES (Michael Reaves and Maya Bohnhoff)

For 2012, I have titles in months, without actual on sale dates… and I’ll list only the new fiction releases that are somewhat set for the moment, but only for the moment…

January – DARTH PLAGUEIS (working title) (James Luceno)
April – APOCALYPSE (Troy Denning)
May – Untitled (Jeff Grubb)
July – Untitled Wraith Squadron (Aaron Allston)
August – Lost Tribe of the Sith anthology (John Jackson Miller)
September – Untitled Nomi Sunrider (Alex Irvine)
November – Book 1 of a duology.

Galactic News Minute


Sue Rostoni gave some brief answers to questions posed to her over at the forums.

“Sue, author Paul S. Kemp has just announced via Twitter that he has “Turned in a draft of a shorty short story to appear in Star Wars Insider. It stars Darth Malgus and is set before the events of DECEIVED”. Given that Paul mentions Insider, does this mean a return to Insider publishing original short stories?”

Yes, the Insider, Del Rey, and we are exploring how to best present original short stories — so hopefully there will be more on the way.


Sue, do you have any news on when we may see the cover for Riptide?

We haven’t started on the RIPTIDE cover yet —


Do you have a time frame for how soon you expect the Anniversary Edition’s cover art to be completed?

We’ve seen some design examples for the HEIR TO THE EMPIRE Anniversary Edition, but we’re still playing with it –


Sue, can we get an update of what’s currently going on with FOTJ? How far along are you in the process?

Well, I’ve read about two-thirds of CONVICTION. Haven’t seen the back cover yet. And we don’t have covers for the final two books yet, either. All is moving along….



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