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Return of the Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars Reads Day 3

Wildly popular, hugely successful, and with the great message of reading, it’s a no-brainer bringing back Star Wars Reads Day. The official Star Wars site broke the news today, including the exact date festivities commence and a very long list of great author appearances. Check out the press release below and start getting excited for October 11!

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Big Bang Theory and The Goldbergs Get Star Wars Day Episodes

Big Bang Theory

Lucasfilm has teamed up with CBS’ popular and award winning TV show The Big Bang Theory and also ABC’s The Goldbergs for special Star Wars Day episodes. Big Bang Theory has already had James Earl Jones and Carrie Fischer as guest stars so going all out Star Wars is only the natural next step. BBT’s episode is set to air on May 1st, while the The Goldbergs will air on May 6th, so set your DVRs or open up your schedule accordingly.

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James Arnold Taylor Twitter Q&A Friday

James Arnold Taylor

Voice actors have a habit of being extremely busy, as they can hop between several projects a day, unlike screen actors who mill around a set for weeks or months on end. James Arnold Taylor, upcoming host of Star Wars Weekends, voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi (and tons of other characters, along with recent voice work as Ratchet in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Ratchet and Clank game series and a recent release of his work with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD) has been getting interview requests left and right. In attempt to reach out to all his fans, he’ll be hosting a Twitter Q&A Friday, March 28th at 3PM/PDT.

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The Force is Strong in these Steve Thomas T-shirts!

Steve Thomas

Master artist Steve Thomas has created even more stunning works for you to wear anywhere! These officially licensed T-shirts are from We Love Fine, and there’s several styles to choose from. Click on an image to go to the catalog page.
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Win a Trip to Skywalker Ranch – Meet Lucas and Hamill!


Would you like to win a trip for you and a guest to Skywalker Ranch and meet George Lucas, then travel to the Nerdist Studios in LA to meet Mark Hamill? Click here to enter the contest from Omaze and the Make-A-Wish® foundation!
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Lucasfilm Story Group To Do Away With Canon Hierarchy

canon fun

For decades now Star Wars stories have existed against the backdrop of a canon hierarchy, which basically stated anything in film or TV was law, while books, comics, and games were also law until proved otherwise by TV or movie material. In a few comments recently on his Twitter feed, Holocron Keeper and Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee stated the Story Group is looking to do away with the G/T and C levels of canon hierarchy that has pervaded Star Wars storytelling for years. Read more

If Nintendo bought Lucasfilm…

To celebrate a year of Disney’s rule over Lucasfilm, lots of people looked back at where they were when the shocking news hit. Others reflected on how little we still know about Ep. VII or continued to freak out over all the rumors and possible production insanity. Not a lot of people asked, “What if someone else bought Lucasfilm?” And while I certainly didn’t ask either, after watching the above video by James Farr, I’m glad I didn’t because it would’ve been nowhere as near as great as his version. Even if you’ve not played or aren’t a fan of Nintendo franchises like Mario, Donkey Kong, or Zelda, just being a Star Wars fan should be enough to enjoy the video. But if you grew up playing or still play some of those classic Nintendo franchises, you’ll enjoy this even more.

Ryan is the video game reporter and game reviewer for Knights’ Archive. You can follow him on Twitter at @BrushYourTeeth.

Star Wars Reads Day Author Event: John Jackson Miller

top it

Star Wars Reads Day has returned, largely thanks to its success and no-brainer goodwill in its promotion of reading. All across the county there were numerous events being held at bookstores and libraries, but if you didn’t want to leave home, you could always celebrate by your imaginary fireplace all snuggled up with a Star Wars book/comic. Not content to just read this year, I had seen the author John Jackson Miller (Kenobi, Knight Errant, Knights of the Old Republic comic series, Lost Tribe of the Sith) was going to be in Madison, WI at a local Barnes and Noble, so I hopped in my car and made the trip from Milwaukee. Read more

Star Wars Audiobook Narrator: Marc Thompson

Here’s a neat video showing voice actor Marc Thompson in the studio working on Star Wars: The Hand of Thrawn: Vision of the Future!
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Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama Collector’s Editions

Radio Drama

Radio Drama

There’s an exciting new release on the horizon for Star Wars fans: Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama Collector’s Editions! Here’s the press release:
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Battle of the Hero: The Story of Mariah Lambes

MariahI want to introduce to you someone who has just started her own battle with cancer. Her name is Mariah Lambes. I found out about her like I do with many fans of the Star Wars saga: via Twitter. She posted a tweet forwarded to the Her Universe account (which was retweeted) that showed Mariah wearing a Her Universe dress. But what absolutely floored me was that she was tweeting from a cancer center, and this was her first chemotherapy session.

It hit me personally because I too spent many weeks in a cancer center several years ago, as I battled a form of Leukemia. It was tough for me; I certainly had no desire to be in good spirits. How in the world could this young lady sport such a beaming smile, and on top of that share her battle with the rest of the world? That, coupled with the fact that Mariah is obviously a fan of Star Wars, prompted me to investigate further. After contacting her, Mariah was all too happy to share her story with us, if only to help others who are facing major health issues.

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Random House Audio Star Wars Reads Day 2013 Poster

Star Wars Reads

Just a cool little tidbit: This appears to be the 2013 Star Wars Reads Day poster from Random House Audio! Maybe Yoda is listening to Kenobi? Link

Very nice!
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