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Her Universe Launches New Expanded Universe Apparel

Her Universe

Her Universe is releasing an impressive array of new apparel, with a few featuring two popular characters from the Star Wars Expanded Universe: Mara Jade and Jaina Solo! Link
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2013 is Year of the Fangirl!

From day one, Ashley Eckstein has been a driving force for fan girls everywhere! Ever since she began voicing Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars and launching the wildly popular Her Universe, Ashley immediately became a beloved figure for female science fiction and fantasy fans. Indeed, even though I’m a guy, I consider it a cherished privilege to be able to interact with her online occasionally and to promote Her Universe here on Knights’ Archive!

It’s only fitting, then, that Ashley would reach out to female fans like never before with Year of the Fangirl. What is it? Watch the video above and read what Ashley says below!

2013 IS the Year of the Fangirl and I couldn’t be more excited! Now that you’ve watched my video above, please help us celebrate a fangirl in your life and nominate someone you know to be a Fangirl of the Day on our Her Universe blog. We are going to spotlight a different girl every day for the rest of the year and the ONLY way we are going to be able to do this is with your help! Please follow these steps:

Want to know more? Head over to Her Universe for full details!

May the Force be with you, Ashley!

Ashley Eckstein – Del Rey Facebook Chat
Star Trek designs coming to Her Universe
Doctor Who shirts set to release on Her Universe
New Designs Coming Soon To Her Universe
New Ahsoka Tunic Coming From Her Universe
Her Universe: Now At Hot Topic

Ashley Eckstein – Del Rey Facebook Chat

Her Universe Flaunt Your World Shop Now

Her Universe founder and The Clone Wars voice actress Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) answered many fan questions today over at the Del Rey Facebook page! Link

She gave some great answers, and even posted an exciting announcement!

For your convenience, I have posted a transcript of the chat. Read her answers below; next time around, you might be able to ask her something not asked yet!
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Star Trek designs coming to Her Universe

Making their debut July 11 with the Doctor Who apparel, Her Universe is also bringing out five cute tees of different styles and prints with a Star Trek theme about them. They include a tee with the Starship Enterprise made from opening monologue, a Vulcan polo shirt and a version of Uhura’s shirt.

Ashley made the announcement on her Facebook fan page, here, with the images:

BREAKING NEWS!!! You didn’t think we were done did you??? You have been asking for this for two years now and I am SO excited to tell you that we are FINALLY going to be making STAR TREK apparel for women!

You can get them here July 11th from Her Universe.

Doctor Who shirts set to release on Her Universe

On July 11, available for purchase on Her Universe, comes four all new Doctor Who designs. Two of which are Vnecks, the remaining two being Scoop tees. They have designs like the TARDIS and another that reads “Hell in high heels”, another Doctor Who reference. Ashley has said that her female fans requested new and unique Doctor Who apparel.

Ashely posted this on her Facebook fan page followed by the pictures:

GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silence will fall and I can FINALLY announce that Her Universe will be making DOCTOR WHO shirts!!!!!!

The shirts will be available here on Her Universe, July 11th.

New Designs Coming Soon To Her Universe

Ashley Eckstein is sharing some awesome sneak peek images of new shirts and designs, all set to be released at Disney Star Wars Weekends in Orlando. There are three cute tee designs by artist Katie Cook, a Sith tank top for older fan girls, a few cotton jersey tees and a two brand new charms! 

After you’re done looking at the images, be sure to check out Her Universe here!

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New Ahsoka Tunic Coming From Her Universe

Ashley Eckstein has given fans a sneak peek of a new item for girls: The Ahsoka costume tunic top! Look for its debut at the upcoming Star Wars Weekends at Disney in Orlando, FL. Link

Let the countdown to Disney’s Star Wars Weekends begin! Here is a sneak peek at one of the NEW items for girls! Now girls can pretend to be Ahsoka with this new costume tunic top! It’s lightweight and ultra comfy! I am SO excited to finally be able to show this to you! It will debut at DSWW and it comes in sizes S-XXL for girls.

Check out Her Universe here.

Her Universe: Now At Hot Topic

Awesome news from Ashley over at the Her Universe Facebook Page:

You are hearing it here first!!! I am SO EXCITED to tell you that Her Universe has teamed up with Hot Topic and all of our NEW products will be launching on tomorrow on May The 4th!!! Here’s the important part, the FIRST 50 people to buy a Her Universe item on will get our NEW Her Universe tote bag for FREE!!! It’s a $20.00 bag for free as our gift to you. The promotion starts at 6 AM EST/ 3 AM PST. To all of our International fans, I am thrilled to tell you this because Hot Topic ships to most countries around the world! If you get the Her Universe email newsletter, you will get an email about all of this in the morning, but I wanted you to hear it from me first! Thank you for ALL of your support. Two years ago, there was barely any merchandise made for female fans and now, together, we are finally making it into stores! Please help us continue to show that women will buy Sci-fi merchandise. May The 4th Be With You! :o)

Check out Hot Topic by clicking here. Also, here’s a few wall comments from Ashley since the initial posting:

The bags will be available on starting on May 5th if you miss out on the free bags tomorrow!

Lots of new stuff coming soon on and at conventions ALL summer long!

The new stuff will only be on Hot Topic for now. The bag will be available on our website soon though, if you miss the 50 free bags!

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