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The Clone Wars Season Five On Blu-ray

The Clone Wars

We now have the release date and box art for the upcoming release of The Clone Wars season 5 on Blu-ray! Link
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Star Wars On Blu-ray Restoration Details

Want to know some of the details of restoring the Saga for the upcoming Star Wars on Blu-ray releases? has posted an interesting article that talks about some of the changes made.

Though the Star Wars movies were created for the big screen, George Lucas and his production team have made efforts to ensure they look and sound as good as possible for their home video releases. With the Saga’s long-awaited release on high-definition Blu-ray disc this September, it will be arriving in the best looking and best sounding home video format ever, a release that required meticulous optimization of picture and sound.

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Star Wars On Blu-ray Teaser Trailer

Yahoo! Movies has posted a new Star Wars on Blu-ray teaser trailer! Click on the lick to watch.

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